CARES Features

Online Announcement Obituary

Information about the loved one, including an obituary, photo and details of any services that will be held. Sharing via email and social media integrated is into the system to help quickly and effortlessly spread the word about the loved ones passing.

Digital Guest List

Gives each family the ability to generate a complete list of visitors to the Online Announcement Obituary, Living Legacy website and funeral services, as well as send invitations, reminders and thank you messages.

Living Legacy Website

An online memorial where family and friends can upload photos, share memories, post tributes, send condolences and more.

Family Key™ Protection Technology

Ensures that no message or image is shared without the family approving it first. Secure and private access for you, as well as each family that purchases the C.A.R.E.S. System™.

Card Concierge™

Eliminates the administrative hassles of sending thank-you cards by consolidating the process into 4 simple steps so that family members can truly focus on healing from their loss.

CARE Corps Team™

If you have any questions, at any time, you can email the CARE Corps Team. Our dedicated, nurturing and patient technical support staff anxiously awaits the opportunity to help you through any step of this process.